Unlock Your Dreams

…quite literally. I’ve long and quite staunchly held that dreams are simply our mind’s way of ‘tidying up’ the various images, experiences, thoughts and feelings that flicker through. That our brain takes its chance to organise and refresh itself while we sleep.

So it was with some scepticism I learned about Martha Beck’s dream analysis tool. And then I experienced the tool for myself as I was coached through one of my own dreams. My mind was blown as I experienced the elements of my dream converging to generate entirely new wisdom that came from a different part of me altogether. The insight helped me moved forward with a situation I’ve felt quite stuck about for some time.

After experiencing just one dream analysis, I’m converted. I see dreams in an entirely new light. I’m now eager to record them as soon as I wake up – and keep a notebook by my bed to do just that.

And now I’m trained to lead you through this process.

If you’re sceptical, I can relate. But this type of dream analysis isn’t about consulting a list of symbols to uncover what they mean (‘ooh, dreaming of snow means a storm is coming!’).

Rather, it’s a means of decoding your dreams according to the unique wisdom that only you hold, and in a way that applies directly to you. I'll lead you through a dream analysis session where you’ll delve deep to uncover insights that you just won’t access through your thinking brain (the part of you that’s in charge most of the time).

I think of it as tapping into your observer self – the part of you that’s always watching, noticing, paying attention - but that rarely gets heard due to the sheer noise created by our busy, thinking minds. Believe me when I encourage you to consider that this part of us has unfathomable wisdom to share.

If you’re curious, you can schedule a 90-minute dream analysis session (USD $159) by emailing me here. All you need to do is show up with a dream — even the smallest fragment of one. And if you think you don’t dream, or struggle remembering them? Get in touch first and I’ll suggest some simple strategies.

dying to know more? Here’s what Kelly had to say:

“I'd filled a dream journal up with pages of dreams, yet felt frustrated that I had no idea what to do with them all. I'd heard that dreams contain important messages, but not if you can't make sense of them!

My dream session with Vicki blew the lid off of my ability to tap into my subconscious and discover the insights and guidance my dreams contain for me. I now use her method to analyse my dreams each morning and listen to what they are telling me. I'm amazed and delighted to be developing this new way to listen to my intuition and already it is leading me down exciting new paths. Thank you Vicki for opening up this doorway for me.”

— Kelly Pietrangeli, London, UK.

You can also check out Kelly talking live about how tapping into her dreams has cracked things open for her life and work.