Find a pathway forward from work stress, overwhelm and burnout.

Exhausted, and over it?

Let’s redesign work and life on your terms.

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Find yourself...

  • exhausted, and running on empty?
  • completely lacking life balance — because no matter how hard you try, work just ends up consuming you?
  • worried about the toll this way of working is taking on your health, relationships and life potential?
  • afraid of change, especially if it means sacrificing your career aspirations, job satisfaction, others' approval, or bank balance?

There's more to life than non-stop hustle.

You know this way of working isn't sustainable, but it's hard to see the alternative.

That’s because your inner workaholic is holding you captive.

She has you convinced there’s really no choice but to push on through until every last thing is done.

And downtime, rest and fun?

Just frivolous pursuits for those who don’t know how to work.

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You know something has to give, but the next step is murky.

Not to mention, full of what ifs:

  • who am I without my work?

  • what if I end up bored, or worse, depressed?

  • what about my paycheck?

  • my pride?

  • and what will I do without the constant distraction of work?

Buried beneath your inner workaholic, lies your true self.

The one who keeps reminding you this isn’t sustainable.

The one who wants your wellbeing to matter.

The one who knows you don’t have to trade your soul to be fulfilled.

And who knows, with absolute certainty —


there's more to life than this.


I'll guide you to:

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Get to the heart of your overwork and exhaustion

Challenge the beliefs and behaviours that have kept you exhausted and stuck

Challenge the unhelpful thinking patterns, fears and behaviours getting in the way of change

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Get clarity on what you want work and life to be like instead

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Take steps (big or small) toward that vision

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vicki evans overwhelm burnout coach

Hello, I’m Vicki.

I’m a Certified Coach, mind-body science enthusiast, and graduate in Psychology, Health Science and Public Health.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning everything I can about what makes us overwhelmed and burned out, and how to break the cycle. Through fortnightly emails, blog posts, resources and coaching, I'm here to help you reduce stress, and create the confidence you need to regain your life.

I know exactly how debilitating burnout can be. After a car crash woke me up, I had to put wellbeing at the top of my priority list. That was over 6 years ago, and I’ve been slowing down, living and working differently ever since.

Everything I share on this website and in my practice is created to help you find relief from self sacrifice, and joy in taking control of the life you desire.

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I can’t recommend Vicki highly enough. I’ve come a really long way and feel very clear and determined with what I want to do next.
— Lauren Scholtz, Brisbane, Australia
Coaching with Vicki led to making some really pivotal decisions, and was a real turning point in getting me to where I am today.
— Anonymous, North Shore, New Zealand
I’m now able to understand why I behave like I do, and can ‘talk to myself’ in an optimistic and helpful way.
— Joan Billingsley, Toowomba, Australia

Discover what you need most from work and life.

Identify the unique foundations that will shape your future work-life.

Figure out what matters most to you, and find a pathway forward that fits.

No deep thinking required — just download the questionnaire, and complete.

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