Find a pathway forward from work stress, overwhelm and burnout.

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It always begins with where you’re at — and the changes
you want to achieve.

I work with people one-on-one for a minimum of 8 sessions. If you’re not ready for that commitment yet, check out my coaching taster. Details on both are just below.

If neither of these options fit, contact me and we’ll come up with a custom package.

ready to get started?

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Eight Session Package

One to One Coaching

i’ll support you to:

  • Step away from the grind, and get the headspace needed to properly focus on you.

  • Get to the heart of your overwork and exhaustion.

  • Constructively challenge the beliefs, fears and behaviours that have kept you exhausted and stuck.

  • Identify what truly matters in work and life (according to your wisest self, not Inner Taskmaster).

  • Start taking steps (big or small) toward that vision.

what’s included

  • Includes 8 x 60 minute sessions, held weekly or fortnightly on Zoom audio.

  • Option to extend our time together by purchasing an additional package, or individual sessions.

Bonus session

  • You’ll also get a bonus 45 minute session — to be used at the start of your coaching package.

  • During this session, I’ll guide you through a gentle process that helps you get out of your busy mind, and in touch with your ‘inner GPS’, which always knows the way. We’ll be drawing on this throughout our coaching together.

What happens once I book?

  • First, we’ll have a complimentary intro call to make sure this package is the right fit.

  • Once we’ve agreed on that, I’ll send you a coaching agreement, covering things like confidentiality, ethics, and the terms of working together.

  • Full payment is due in advance, however a payment plan is available on request.

  • I’ll also send you some pre-work to help you define what you want to get from coaching, and maximise our time together in the sessions.

  • You’ll have access to my online calendar to schedule your sessions at a time to suit.

Investment: $1399 NZD

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Not ready to commit yet? Check out my coaching taster below.

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Coaching Taster

From Overwhelmed to In Control

A short, but transformative coaching experience to work through a specific issue you’re feeling overwhelmed by, and regain confidence and control.

We’ll uncover what’s at the heart of your overwhelm, and help you shift perspective, and take action with clarity and confidence.

No intro call is needed for this taster — you can book in right away.

What’s included

  • Clarity exercise to complete before our session

  • One 75-minute coaching session

  • DIY guide to help you find relief anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed in future.

Investment: $239 NZD

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Neither option fit? Contact me and we’ll come up with a custom package.

When I started working with Vicki, I was at a real crossroads with my life. She helped me get a handle on things and define what I wanted to achieve for myself.

Vicki really cared about me and what I was going through. As my own worst critic, I really value the way she helped me acknowledge milestones I had achieved. She was a fantastic listener, and asked me the questions I was probably avoiding asking myself.

I can’t recommend her highly enough. I’ve come a really long way and feel very clear and determined with what I want to do next.
— Lauren Scholtz, Brisbane, Australia
Coaching helped with my mental clarity — laying out all my options and deciding how to take the best course of action. That led to making some really pivotal decisions and I now look back on the process as a real turning point in getting me to where I’m at today.
— Anonymous, North Shore, New Zealand
Vicki’s thoughtful questions and gentle probing pushed me into thinking about things in a different way and helped me see a way forward.

I’d highly recommend her as someone who is professional and skilled, empathetic, and thoroughly enjoyable to work with.
— Carina Dickson, GM Habitat for Humanity, Northland, New Zealand 
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Working Together — What You Should Know

what is coaching.jpg

What is coaching?

At its simplest, coaching is about supporting you to find your own solutions.

It’s different to mentoring and therapy.

Coaching is forward focused, and works on the assumption that you’re already whole — there’s nothing wrong with you that needs fixing.

As Martha Beck, one of my teachers, puts it, coaching is like a personal trainer for your life.

My main concern is your wellbeing. I’m not a mental health professional, and I’ll always tell you if I’m not the right person to support you.

mind body coaching.jpg

Mind-Body Coaching

Whilst most coaching focuses on mindset, goal-setting, and taking action, my coaching also has a strong mind-body focus. This is really crucial when we’re dealing with stress, overwhelm and burnout.

In a nutshell, it recognises human beings are one whole system, not separate, unrelated parts. It recognises the inter-relationship between mind and body.

And in coaching, it means you get to access more than just your rational mind (aka inner taskmaster and control centre) for information, guidance, self-awareness and decision making.

I’ll guide you to connect with your more creative, non-verbal mind, as well as your emotions, and what’s going on in your body. This makes your experience infinitely wiser, richer, and deeper, and your results more likely to stick.

no quick fixes sustainable change.jpg

No Quick Fixes

Sustainable change takes time and commitment. That’s why I prefer to work with you for a minimum of eight sessions. I don’t pretend there are quick fixes.

But I certainly understand the complexity of our inner worlds, and I know how to guide you toward sustainable change.

I became a coach because it’s one the most transformative things I’ve experienced myself. If you’re willing to put in the effort, I’m confident it holds the same potential for you.