About Vicki

vicki evans overwhelm burnout coach

I believe there’s more to life than sacrificing our souls for work.


Hello, I’m Vicki.

I’m a Certified Coach, mind-body science enthusiast, and graduate of Psychology, Health Science and Public Health. I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning everything I can about how we end up overwhelmed and burned out from work, and how to break the cycle. Through fortnightly emails, blog posts, resources and coaching, I'm here to help you cultivate an in-depth understanding of how you work on the inside, and take the action in your life that delivers genuine peace.

My goal is to help you reduce stress and create the
confidence you need to regain your life.

And, help you...

  • Get to the heart of your overwork and exhaustion.

  • Develop awareness of the unhelpful thinking, fears and behaviours keeping you exhausted and stuck.

  • Create new perspectives, behaviours, and self-care practices that help you stay out of overwhelm.

  • Connect with what you really want in work and life, deep down.

  • Take steps (big or small) toward that vision.

My Story

I know exactly how debilitating burnout can be. I normally say that my story began with my stressful career in health management, but honestly, it began way before that.

For as long as I can remember, being seen as a high performer was the driving force in everything I did. The more competent and perfectionistic I was in the corporate environment, the more responsibilities were given, the more my off switch went from faulty to completely broken. I couldn’t stop. My to do list was never ending and I was in constant go go go mode, not only mentally but in my wiring – physiologically. I even checked my emails on the toilet (every spare minute was an opportunity to be productive!). I’d fall asleep, thinking about all the things I’d yet to do, and wake up gripped in panic. I struggled to be present — I worked in a transactional manner and didn’t give my team and colleagues the love, patience or support they needed or I knew I was capable of because people were a distraction to me. The drive to be and do “perfect” was more powerful.

Secretly I worried about the toll this was taking on my health and wellbeing — was this going to end up making me unwell, or even killing me?

Would I ever find and sustain a relationship when a) I didn’t have time, and b) work was the most important thing to me?

And I worried about saying no to and resenting time with friends and family. Would my life just pass me by while I was head
down staring into a computer? And, was this the only way to cope with and do a career? Did it really have to mean so
much sacrifice?

Does this sound familiar?

In my case it took a car crash to wake me up. I knew I had to start making decisions where my wellbeing was the number one priority in my life and work. That was over 6 years ago now and I’ve been slowing down, living and working differently ever since.

My wellbeing had to be number one — and I found it came down to a few important practices. As someone who has been there, let me tell you, you have more power over your behaviour and fears than you think you do.

Everything I share on this website and in my practice is created to help you find relief from self sacrifice, and joy in taking control of the life you desire. I like to think of this space as yours to curate the resources and support you need to take you from overwhelmed and over it, to overjoyed to be alive.


The world’s at it’s best when we’re at our best — working and living well, in line with who we truly are, making our 90 year old selves proud.


Key Practices

Challenge the beliefs, fears and behaviour that keeps you exhausted and stuck.

Mind icon

Learn to challenge your Inner Taskmaster (the one who keeps hounding you to do more!), and listen to your Wiser Self instead.

Purpose icon

Distinguish work, family and societal expectations from what’s right for you deep down.

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Listen to your body’s guidance — what do you have capacity for? What supports you to thrive?

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Take productive, not perfect action.

Balance icon

Find permission to rest, have fun, and be unproductive, without the guilt.


Giving back

Two of my strongest values are social justice and equity. Having worked on social issues throughout my career, I’m painfully aware that the idea of designing your life — and the privilege of coaching — is not available to all.

My response is to contribute a significant amount of my time and skills to the community. I do this by:

  • volunteering with two local organisations that serve communities of considerable need

  • providing pro-bono coaching to leaders in the NZ charity and social business sector.

If you’d like to nominate someone for pro-bono coaching, please invite them to email me expressing interest.


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Coaching provided me with the clarity I needed to keep moving forward.

Vicki’s a warm and empathetic person who will
help you become the person you know you can be.
— Adele, Western Australia
New to New Zealand, and trying to navigate the workforce here, I called upon Vicki to support me through this time. I was in a role I knew didn’t match my culture, or what I wanted to strive for as a meaningful career purpose. Vicki helped me navigate the tricky landscape that is applying for jobs, believing in myself and dealing with job rejections.

I found Vicki’s style to be assertive, yet compassionate - she understood where I was coming from, and - when it was suitable - shared her experience, which made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Vicki also asked me the straight up questions which allowed me to become a little fearless and do the things I needed to do to make the next step in my NZ career.
— Fiona, Wellington, NZ
I’m so grateful to Vicki for coaching me through a very tough time in my life. I had a big challenge ahead of me with my personal circumstances, which involved balancing family and going back to study.

Vicki has a way of asking great questions and helping you break down each situation, which helped me see things from a different angle.

I highly recommend her.
— Jo C., Auckland, New Zealand
I had a couple of hesitations about coaching - I felt like I should be able to sort myself out, and also wondered whether I’d be judged by others.

Through coaching I noticed a pattern that appeared in all sectors of my life. Once I saw this, my response to the situations I faced started to fall into place. I’m now able to understand why I behave like I do, and can ‘talk to myself’ in an optimistic and helpful way.
— Joan Billingsley, Toowomba, Australia